Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Studio Update #5

Studio Update #5

Things have been awfully quiet on the blogging front for a while....which isnt as weird as one might think. The reason why I have just been automatically posting stuff is because I have been terribly busy.

My wife left for the states two weeks ago mumbling around at SxSW and San Francisco which left me with three kids and an awful amount of mixing to do. So I tried to focus on eating, sleeping and working....a bit of reading not a lot of writing. This last month or so Ive finished reading Donna Tartts the secret history and a Biography about Roald Dahl.

So maybe I should do I slight bounce around the bands that are currently active.

Kaukasus. We are just about wrapping up the cover and are working on promo material. The first single "lift the memory" will be out on the 7th of march.

Anima Morte. Are bouncing in and out of the studio recording a lot of cool stuff...they have been in Örebro recording Guitars and bass so everything seems to be on the move. We will continue on Thursday.

Vak. Will enter the studio to start recording their debutalbum. A full band recording which I am really looking forward to. The stuff the studio was built for. 

Owl and a half: Im thinking of doing a fairly simple digital release of the debutalbum "the complete Johnny Cash discography". If there sufficient interest Ill make a small batch of real ones. these murky waters: the Optigan/chamberlin/Mellotron/Orchestron album. So far I think I have mixed 8 tracks...which means that of the original batch I have two left...but in the meanwhile I have written and recorded four new tracks that I probably want on the album.

Necromonkey: We are currently rehearsing for our upcoming gigs. This last sunday we rehearsed with the remarkable guitarist Einar Baldursson who will be joining us for the next two gigs.

16th April at Stampen
3rd of May at Bryggarsalen

Akaba: Giles Martin is currently mixing the final tracks at Abbey Road. 

Now playing: ...In these murky waters - Ophelia

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