Sunday, December 22, 2013

A new beginning

So its apparently time...again. Back in the old days of the Roth Händle studio I had a webpage. It was voted the worst webpage online due the amounts of scrolling and windows you had to open. I have to agree. It was a mess...nowadays the webpage has been overtaken by some guy who seems to think cheap insurance is the way to go. But atleast it was something. Now there is no webpage just a fairly active facebookpage and a twitter account that sort of twitches and moves in a fairly random fashion.

The studio on the other hand is very much alive.

By a weird clash of calendars I ended up spending a lot of time in the Swedish countryside this summer. It was terribly nice being with my kids and all but what it meant was that I for the first time in a long while had the opportunity to think about what I am up to. And it forced to make some radical changes and decisions.

I decided to focus more on projects that I was directly involved in as a writer and not as an overdub musician. I wanted to have a bigger part in the artistic direction of the projects I was involved in...and I also decided to cut back on touring with other artists. By making my mind up things started to change. Im still an overdubpuppet by more on my terms and by that with more passion. I have forced myself to become more social musically and have started a lot of projects that will come into fruition next year.

This past year has been terribly active. And next year seems to go into overdrive.

These are some of the artists that have graced the studio in 2013.

Necromonkey, Akaba, Kenny Håkansson, Walrus, Kaukasus, Paul Sumner (UK), Velasco (Ita), Ingrannagi della valle, Nacht, In these murky waters, Paradox, Carl Hasselrot, Zorg, White Willow (Nor), Emma Nordenstam, Molesome, Kinski Pop, My god damn Territory, Staphan O Bell, Page, The Opium Cartel (Nor)....and more.

If you have ideas that you think belong at Roth Händle studios....drop me a line at

Have a great christmas and thanks for stopping by....

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