Thursday, December 26, 2013

Time off/Time on

I have realized that I have issue with having time off. I dont mind it....its not like that at all. Its great getting some serious sleep and having time off with wife and kids....My "problem" is that when I have had a couple of days off the ideas start coming...I start making lists and start to fomulate schedules and Ideas. I try to back off from everyday work in the studio and try to see the bigger Picture. What is important and what should I spend more time on. Weirder? Wider? and maybe most importantly When? It doesnt help when my wife bought me a Kindle (one of those bookpads) and I started reading Nick Kents The dark stuff (which is about rock musicians...first chapter was about Brian Wilson). Very inspiring stuff.

Another problem is that I have recorded an album which is about sleep. Ive read a couple of books on the subject....watched ted talks and seen documentaries, But this means that even my sleeptime is material for an album.I write down my dreams and discuss them with my wife. Last night (in my Dream) I went to Änglagårds rehearsalroom to pick something up. I found an album I had played on and they had released it without telling me. They had put their new drummer on the cover and wrote (live) after his name. Really annoying. I went out into a little coffeearea where I sat down and there I met Clint Eastwood. He was terribly nice and was very friendly. We sat and talked for a while and then Änglagård dropped by and I confronted them about the album. They were very embarrassed, they thought I would never find out.

This will not end up in a lyric....or will it?

I have five albums that are more or less finished and will be done probably by February. I had hoped to have them finished already but that apparently wasnt going to happen. I also have two or three dormant projects that I could revive but its always so much more alluring and sexy to start something new. One thing that I learnt this summer was to try and finish stuff more than bouncing around. I counted my projects and I think the total number was 24 which means that if I would work one day on every project in a revolving Schedule...Id never finish. is the first film I made in 2013. Which rockets my mind....I should make a Mellotron frame set with the VCS3. Or maybe an ep of VCS3 Music. Vocalists....who should I ask? What should the title be? Should it be futuristic? Maybe Metropolis related.....and then Im off again.

Time is limited. Ideas are not.

Making a small boat sound with the VCS3

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