Monday, September 8, 2014

Time and how to fight back

Coming back from a tour like Necromonkeys latest US adventure it feels like there is a window where you have a chance to evaluate what you are up to and what you are doing. One of the things that I realized very quickly coming back was how little I missed having my phone charged and being "connected". I can generally get all my computer stuff done in maybe an hour a day. Very few things are that acute....I still have a phone...and no I still dont like it.

Also I want to simplify things. Focus more on one thing at a time....which isnt really like me at all. Atleast I can try.

So the latest plans for the studio are fairly simple. I need to start by cleaning the place up so that I can see the floor again. I remember it as being kind of nice.

When I have cleaned it up...Ill make a new fresh mess....because that is how I work.

I think Ill be drumming today. I think its gonna be great.

I also have some other Ideas.

We played with Akaba in Örebro on Friday night. A lot of fun. Good music and good conversation.

I get along without you very well. Of course I do.

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