Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Creating space

Its odd being in the studio. Im walking around by myself and trying to sort of make new room. In the studio as well as inside my head for new things. Im a slow cleaner. The whole Necromonkey tour will cast a very long shadow for a long time. Im trying to piece together gigs and tours for next year to keep the ball rolling. If everything falls into place 2015 will be a very interesting year indeed.

Reading the last issue of Swedish magazine Gaffa and saw that Yes got 5/5 for their latest album. King Crimson are apparently playing Starless.

I have started reading Riders on the storm by Doors drummer John Densmore. David from Necromonkey is a huge Doors fan but I have always been turned off by Morrisons dodgy poetry. The book seems to be a good read though. Reading it makes me want to play in a band....which is weird considering thats pretty much all I do.

I bought a jacket at a fleamarket in North Carolina. Ill be wearing it until it gets too cold in Sweden to remind me that that there is a place where its still warm and humid.

Stina Nordenstam - Something nice
David Byrne - Walk in the dark
Sufjan Stevens - Romulus


  1. A bit creepy, I am actually listening to Starless while reading this post.

    1. Its even creepier that someone gave the new Yes album a 5 star review....

    2. I have not heard it at all. Is that a "no" for the five star?

    3. Its sounds a bit like the music for an insurance ad.