Monday, February 10, 2014

Necromonkey - A glimpse of possible endings

Necromonkey - A glimpse of possible endings

It is finally here.

Our second album. We are very happy with it. David and I discussed what track we should post as a teaser and we realized that all of the tracks represent the album and none of them do.

The tracklisting is as follows...

1. There seems to be knife stains in your blood
2. The sheltering waters
3. The counterfeit pedestrian
4. Glimpse
5. The worst is behind us

The album was recorded at Roth Händle V.
Track 2 was mixed by Kristian Holmgren.
Mastered by Christopher Cline.
Cover by Henning Lindahl.

As a sort of teaser we posted the second track, the sheltering waters on soundcloud.

The sheltering waters (6:30)

Electric Guitars, Baritone Guitar, Maas-Rowe Vibra Chime, Vibraphones, 
Glockenspiels, Mini Moog, Hammond and Crumar Organs, Teaspoon,
Yamaha DX-100, Yamaha SY-1, Drummachines, Drums and Percussion, Persephone.

Rob Martino: Chapman Stick

This song is very odd for us....see if you can spot why.

Here are a couple of videos from the sessions for the sheltering waters.
We have already started sending out the disc to the people who have preordered but also to magazines and reviewers. If you would want a copy of the album you are very welcome to do so by emailing us at

We have another 3 or 4 albums coming up that are pretty much finished. 

Our ambition is to release atleast one album per year.

Now playing: 
Fake plastic trees - Radiohead
The street - Harry Partch

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