Monday, February 24, 2014

Video of the day 24th of February - Tobias recording the Stylophone 350s

One girl playing the Stylophone 350s and three obviously deaf people looking on.

....let me explain...The sound of the Stylophone isnt necessarily the smoothest sound you will ever hear. But it has a weird way of fitting in a mix. The most common one is a small toy-like instrument that is played with a pen. The 350s is a attempt to make something a bit more....professional. I have used it on recordings with Vera Vinter, Akaba, Vijaya, Andreas & jag and Necromonkey

...and here is what Wikipedia thinks of the 350s.

The more versatile 350s version of the instrument was used by UK experimentalists Camberwell Now, and appeared on their album All's Well. The 350s dual-stylus version was also extensively used as a lead instrument by British band Pulp from 1992 to 1994. Its glacial tones are particularly evident on their breakthrough album His 'n' Hers (most notably the songs "Happy Endings" and "Pink Glove") whilst the 1993 album, Intro – The Gift Recordings, features a track called "Styloroc (Nites of Surburbia)" which revolves around a riff played on the first model. Pop/rocker Richard Barone features the 350s prominently on his 2010 album "Glow" (Bar/None Records), particularly on the title track, its instrumental reprise, and cover of T.Rex's "Girl," on which it is played by producer Tony Visconti.

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