Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bob Marley - Its Reggae.

I live in Stockholm. Its the capital of scandinavia. I live close to a subway station called Fridhemsplan. Now there is a mall there where you can buy things to make you and and your house look better than it does now. But when I moved here it was the most dangerous part of town at four in the morning. Im not sure how they measure that but its a statistic and statistics never lie. Stastitics are relatives to facts. They are not the same thing...but sort of.

Radioheads Kid A was a #1 in America. Fact.

Gargamel has never succeeded in killing a smurf. Fact

Karl Bartos (from Kraftwerk) has been banned from playing Bingo in Dusseldorf because of frequent rumours concerning rigged numbers and games.

About ten or fifteen years ago at this subway station there was a man with a long coat. He would open up the coat and inside there would be rows and rows of CDs and he would look you square in the eye and say.

"- Do you want to buy CDs? Bob Marley - Its reggae."

And I always thought that was hilarious. All of the covers had the Lion, Haile Selassie and the rastacolours and ganja plants and of course....Bob Marley on them. The fact that he still needed to clarify that just to make sure that there was no confusion concerning the genre in question. Bob Marley - Its Reggae.

So today I had a slow morning and stopped by my trail of fleamarkets on the way to the studio and I bought some 45s. The annoying thing is that I found six 45s at the first fleamarket and nothing and I mean nothing at the others. But fleamarketing is a bit like fishing. If you get a bite in the beginning you can stand around for hours just waiting for a second fish. The notion of a good day for fleamarketing is sort of a joke. 

Im rambling...But in that first batch I found the single you see at the top. I love Ray Charles and was very happy. Its not rare or anything I just like him and I love the 45 format.

But this cover had a bonus that I discovered when I looked closer. Scribbled with a blue pen someone had written bluespianist on it. Just to clarify things. It made me very happy. It made my day.

Because immediately I thought about a man I met ten years ago with a coat filled with CDs. 

Bob Marley - Its Reggae. Fact.  

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