Saturday, January 18, 2014

Video of the day 18th of January 2014

Musicians are generally really nice people. 
Openminded, curious and often interested in a lot of things.
But something happens when it comes to buying equipment. Its like the brain sort of shuts off and something known as G.A.S happens. It is short for gear acquisition syndrome.

Musicians want to buy things. We also have this weird feeling that if we only get this one pedal or synth everything will work out. Everything will change for the better. But we need somekind of fuel for our G.A.S and one simple way of getting the buyers juice 
flowing is to have some cool references.

Video of the day is of me on the 17th of January 2010. 
Im treating my drums thru an Octave Divider. 
A pedal that adds lower octaves to the signal that comes in. 

The MU-tron Octave divider isnt a spectacular pedal. It looks a lot cooler than it sounds. It is confused and has a tendency of lying or embellishing the truth. Often it makes stuff sound like slightly fuzzy teddybears which is terribly cool. But it isnt that hot as a octave divider. 

BUT...Neil Young used one and has said that it is his favorite octave pedal. This means that the pedal immediately becomes ever so desireable. So if you watch the video below you just might hear some of that cool rugged Neil Younginess going on...

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