Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Waterphone...the only phone I like.

A man shredding on his waterphone whilst whales are having a snuggle in the backgound.

This last friday my phone ran out of battery and as we were at our summerhouse there wasnt really a need to charge it. We spent our time by the fireplace, listening to vinyl and playing cards or boardgames. And I felt no need to turn the phone on or check my facebook or anything. Because I think I knew that I wasnt missing anything. And noone was missing me.

Ive started playing with the idea of having the phone on during the days, while Im working and then turning it off. Facebook has become a timestealing nuisance where the same links are bouncing around endlessly. I tend to visit the same sites anyways....The Onion, Big Think and Ted Talks. I watch documentaries. But I dont need the whole OMG I cant believe what happened next. Or cute notes that kids wrote, funniest autocorrect or a dog in a Yoda costume.

I completely understand the comedic value of a dog looking like a character from a science fiction movie. But I always feel cheated after seeing the picture or clicked the link. Spoiler alert: There is nothing there. Have you heard the joke about the Rabbi, a penguin and a bankrobber who goes onto facebook. Nothing happens.


Instead of ranting about stuff I dont like I can tell you about something I DO like.

The waterphone. The only phone I like. A really creepy instrument used extensively in film and usually in horror films. You have heard in the matrix when they insert the plug in the back in the neck.

Recording Waterphone

Have a tumultuous tuesday. I think you are great.

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