Monday, January 6, 2014

We cant all be Vivian Maier or Memories of Gösta

A while back a good friend of mine posted a picture on facebook of a band he was working with. It was a pretty bad picture. The band were loading in their van before going to a show in the south of sweden. It was in November or March which in Sweden means that there are no colours left. Its all black and white or faded tired colours.

The band looked like young bands do. Illfitting clothes and a general mish mash of stuff. The cases and bags looked like a mix of brand new and inherited.

I have no Idea what band it was. It wasnt really important. 

Someone wrote a comment "Great Picture!"

I wrote "Horrible Picture....but wait 5 years and it will be a good picture. Wait 20 years and it will be a great picture....wait 40 years and it will be in a gallery"

Because that is how time, sentimentality and nostalgia works. We see old super 8 films of our parents and we think everyone looks cool, great cars etc but we have no perception of how the future will treat our time.....but most likely in the same way.

So the lesson is to take a picture (and dont have to post it on face book. The picture doesnt care). Its really interesting how ones memory flies back to the moment when it was taken. You think you know but you really dont.

So....I obviously LOVED this. I am not much for clicking on links but if you havent heard the story I envy you as its remarkable...and no it doesnt end with a girl showing her tits by accident or kittens in a box.

In a very small in very small....or not at all. This is sort of how my Youtube page works for me. Its a visual diary. Il make a crappy little film and then Ill post it. Some people will comment on them. I will reply. If you call me an asshole Ill even reply twice. 

"Thanks for the kind comment, Rock on Dude!"

The comments are often really nice and I have become friends with people who wrote me often. 

The thing is that when I look at the films( ...which I seldom do) Im surprised about how much I remember about the situation and the mood. Everything comes rushing back.

So as an excursion in modern Roth Händle history from the 6th of January. Here is a film from 2011 recorded at Pelikan Studios in Vinsta. Yep...that would be Sorterargatan. Working on Gösta Berlings sagas album Glue Works.

And the next one I found if from 2007. Thomas (EX-Änglagård, Thieves Kitchen) recording some Celeste for Swedish singer/songwriter Martin Ekman. A very odd combo....but that is how 2007 was. This was recorded in Sundbyberg...a very weird studio. But terribly cosy.

So get out there....take a picture. Make a film. It doesnt matter if its good or bad. Wait for a couple of years, pull it out and it will bring you right back to that moment. I can even guarantee you that it will even look great. Cant promise anything about what you are wearing though...we might need to wait a bit longer for that....


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