Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Neanderthal Blind Jugglers and Cooking in the dark.

A neanderthal version of the Blind Juggler.
A Bontempi Organ going into a Autopanner and then into 
two different Delays set at different tempos.

Worked yesterday for the first time since christmas. Recorded four different ideas for a film. I was about to write one of those mattias-isms " A lot of fun ". But its not fun...I very seldom feel any joy or happiness while Im working. Its more a feverish stream of ideas that I want to record before they are lost. Its not like Im giggling while Im doing it. Im also constantly fighting my two biggest conflicting emotions...lazyness and ambition. How much information should I put into this to make my point? How much is necessary? If I record this how much will I need to clean it up afterwards to make it listenable. TMI generally refers to detailed descripitions of bodyparts with disease, blisters or puss. For me TMI can be an acoustic guitar on the chorus or two many backing vocals. The less you say the more they listen, right. Like Facebook. If there was to be a official quiet day on facebook I wonder how many people would rush there to speak their mind."...and one more thing!" 

I went and had a chinese dinner with my oldest daughter a couple of days back and my fortune cookie read " You strive for perfection " which is a joke. I got the feeling that cookie knew nothing about me or my life. I have often said that pastrys tell you the truth wether you like it or not. I strive for imperfection and confusion (which is generally easy, I just put on my pants and then the imperfection and confusion starts). Things that will make you look or listen a second time. 

This is also why I like cooking in the dark. Imperfection and confusion quickly turns into a game of edible or not edible. My wife has also made the valid point. If you cooked it in the dark maybe you should eat it in the dark.

Anyways...I have said too much even before I started.

Here is a little video from yesterdays Neanderthal blind juggler. Dropping balls in a cave.

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