Thursday, January 23, 2014

Video of the day 23rd of January 2014

As some of you might know I was born in Hong Kong. I lived there between 1975 - 1981.
I have been back three times since and it has always been pretty magical.

The last time I was there was with two of my best friends Fredrik Eckardt and Mikael Scheja.
Fredrik was working there but was going to move home to Stockholm 
so we thought we should visit him before he left.

On the last night of my visit. Fredrik took me to a underground club. Everything was pretty beatup but in that very cool way. There was a stage at the club and there were jam sessions. 
One guy went up on stage with a Tenori on and a Kaoss pad. I played a bit as well.

When I went to the bathroom I found a incredibly cool electric guitar. 
When I picked it up I noticed that the neck was broken. I just knew that I needed the guitar.

So I found the owner of the place....smoking in back alley. I said quite bluntly..."I need much do you want for it?" And he just looked at me with a blank stare and said with a heavy chinese accent "You can have it...Its a gift"

When I came back home I let Michele Benincaso glue it back together and a special mod I asked him to make it a 9string...Doubling the top three strings.

Video of the day is of Tobias Ljungkvist recording the Hong Kong Guitar for Akaba.

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