Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Video of the day 21st of January 2014

One of the best things about my work is how things fit together and sort of hands over possibilties. 

Bear with me its not too bad...

#1 I had a band with my good friend Andreas Morland. We were called Andreas & Jag. We released three CD-R albums and toured internationally with a very weird set-up.
He had a girlfriend. Her name was Anna-Karin Von Malmborg.

#2 Years after they broke up I met Anna Karin at a bar in Stockholm and decided we should do something together. So in 6 afternoons we recorded an album.
We wrote and recorded two songs everyday. 
The band was called AK-momo.

#3 In Philadelphia a girl called Nadia Botello got hold of a copy of the album.
She liked it a lot and got in touch. 
She wanted to make an album about secrets with me.
She flew over and in about two weeks we recorded an album under the name Saint she.

#4 She was friends with a label who knew people in Stockholm. Thru these contacts she got a place to stay. She was staying at a swedish singer songwriter called Staphan O Bell. 
He was terribly talented so we started working together.

#5 On the second of February Staphan will be having his releaseparty at Roth Händle V. 
The album is remarkable.  

Here is a video from the 17th of January 2011 recorded at Gösta Berlings sagas rehearsal room. He is playing my Danelectro Convertible from 1965. One of my favorite guitars.

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