Tuesday, January 21, 2014

How do you define a russian mountainrange?

Me and my wife are working on an album about dreams and sleep. The idea is based loosely around an effectpedal which makes everything sound a bit drowsy and woozy. This has meant that ll of a sudden Im a lot more focused on dreams and sleep in general. How much am I sleeping, dreams? About what?

Im not really into the Idea that dreams mean all too much or have heavy symbolic meaning. That whole thing about Freud having 300 different symbols for penises just doesnt really fly, now does it?

I woke up this morning feeling pretty beatup. The reason being quite simple. I had a really frustrating dream. I was in a meeting talking about the new Kaukasus album. (Kaukasus is a progrockband consisting of me, Rhys Marsh and Ketil Vestrum Einarsen). We were talking about all the different qualities, levels and different aspects of the band.

But we couldnt define it.

And so the discussion started over again. 

My entire night consisted of trying to reach a definition. What is Kaukasus?

This probably all stems from the fact that we are reaching the end of the process. The album is mixed and done. We are sorting out details like bandphotos, albumcover, recordlabels. I spent last night listening to it.

So we sort of need to define what it is stylistically. Making the music sound great was very easy and fast..now we need to figure out what the music looks like.

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