Friday, January 17, 2014

Have a great day?

I like BOTH deluxe rhythms and to create my own beats...maybe this is for me!

On my way home from dropping off my daughter to school I went into a little shop in the subway where they have sandwiches, magazines, candy....and stuff. In front of me in the line there is a man around 45 - 50 years old. Well taken care off. He's one of those guys who shaves the face.

I walked in in the middle of the conversation. They guy behind the counter seemed kind of upset. 
So the shaved face guy asked. 

- "How are you? "
-" Not too great.. " The man replies.
-" I just found out that my house and car and all my belongings in Bagdad were blown up last night by a stray missile. Everything I own is gone"

There is a uncomfortable silence and then the man shines up and to ease the mans pain says.

" Well...Whatcha gonna do? Have a great day!" 

NP: Kaukasus - Mixes

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