Sunday, January 5, 2014

Drumming inside the box and the blind juggler

Im back in town after spending a couple of days away from computers. First some time at the summerhouse and then we went up to Falun where me wifes family has a great place down by the lake. Some running, some swimming, some reading...But no music which drives me bananas.

The drive to and from Falun is one of my favorites....we have driven it numerous times. But since someone stole our car radio a couple of years back we actually have a chance to talk to each other without interruptions...Its a luxury. Even just commenting on how other people drive (which is usually very fast and dangerous) its communication. 

But after three hours with three kids in a fairly small car Im pretty worn out...So this will be short.

Thank you all for your suggestions and ideas concerning the two in/four out box AKA the blind Juggler. Ben Minto found a schematic for I just need to find someone who can build it.

Heres the schematic.

If you think you can build it...drop me a line.

Tomorrow Ill be returning back to the studio for some ideaswork. There are a handful of really cool ideas that are bouncing around as well as a lot of keyboardwork for a fairly secret project. Hopefully I can talk about it all very soon. I think Ill be recording some ideas with a simple autopanner just to show you the main idea of the blind juggler.

Video of the day is from my sessions with Carl Hasselrot. He brings something very collagey, loopy and very long and then I try to vomit out as many ideas I possibly can in 4-5 hours. Keys, drums, name it. It is a lot of fun. Then he gets all the files and pieces them together into something completely new.

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